Another WoW Blog: The Intro Post!

Just what the internet needs, another WoW blog. Well, you know what? Mine’s gonna be different. Okay, no it won’t, I’ll parade my achievements and acquisitions around just like everyone else. I do promise to try and be at least witty most of the time.

So here’s the skinny: I play WoW a lot. Like a lot, a lot. I don’t Raid and I don’t Arena, so I’d have to say I’m more of the hangout with your friends, farm mats, run bg’s and hoard pets and mounts sort of guy. Hence the name of the blog ‘Casual Addict’. Now before I get inundated with people complaining about terms like ‘hardcore’ or ‘casual’, I use the term loosely, and I don’t intend to defend my definition of those terms here. If you want to rant about what makes a hardcore player or a casual player, do it on the official WoW forums. =P To me, a casual is someone who plays the game for lore, or for fun, or whatever. Hardcore players have raid or arena schedules.

Now like most other people I know, I have a terrible addiction to my pixelated playground, hence the ‘Addict’ part. I know it’s a vice, and I wrap that vice around me like a soft heavy blanket to keep the cold real world at bay. To me it’s no more a waste of my time that sitting around for 6 straight hours staring at the idiot box (television).

Anywho, I made this blog some time ago to play host to my thoughts, achievements, and delusions of grandeur. Alas, however, it sat here gathering dust. Now that I have the motivation to possibly write something, I have created my intro post.

Now, a list of things to know about me:

While I do not have an aversion to playing Alliance on other servers (it should be noted that my highest level alliance toon is level 5), I am Horde till I die. I’ve always loved orcs and other goblinoids, so it’s a perfect fit. The addition of magic addicted elves doesn’t hurt. (I always welcome fellow addicts.)

I generally play melee classes. I like to tank on my pally, hate it on my warrior. I am glad to discuss specs or glyphs at any time, but I might seem overly opinionated to my choices. I don’t think my way is the only right way, I’ve just given it a lot of thought.

I might seem like an arrogant elitist and show off. Well I am to an extent, but I almost never intend to flaunt anything I have over anyone to make them feel bad, or make me feel better. I just like to show off my shinies. =D

I love beer.

I suck at playing mages.

Oh and finally, I owe my blogging career to my own personal pocket mage, and true love, Sprink @ ‘Sprink Notes’. I pulled her into Azeroth, so her mage-y awesomeness (best snacks and taxi on Archimonde) is all because of me. /flex
(I’m so getting pyroblasted)


5 Responses to “Another WoW Blog: The Intro Post!”

  1. The Addict Says:

    Still working on the layout. Going to have to make a better custom header at some point.

  2. Welcome to the blogshphere oh fellow horde person with multiple characters.

    Your handle leads me to believe you’re a fan of “The Slayers”, amirite?

    • As a matter of fact I am, though I started using the handle Valgav before I ever saw any episodes featuring Valgaav. Though in a round about way the handle was recommended by someone who had seen those episodes and was a fan of the series, so that explains the misspelling 🙂 ( liked teh sound of it, but didn’t know about the extraneous ‘A’ when I started using it.)

      Thank you much for the comment. 🙂

  3. Wanted to officially say welcome!

    Also, I have a dusty badass alt on Archimonde. I need to start playing him again…

    Well, off to wrap your “gift” and present it to you back at my tiny space of the interwebz. 😉

  4. You do suck at mage. ~_^ Ain’t nobody mage like this mage. Best threat-monstering, maniacally-cackling, fire-till-you-die pocket mage this side of Dalaran. ^_^

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