Holiday Gift Topic – Playable Races

Though maybe a little late to the party, I have picked up on the holiday season gift topic exchange started by Tamarind over at Righteous Orbs and received a topic from Syrana over at Sideshow and Syrana. =D

Syrana wrote:

I’d like to know what playable race would you like to see added to WoW? Doesn’t even have to be a race currently in the game… I’ll leave that up to you! Although if you come up with one that isn’t currently somewhere in the game world… how do they get incorporated? What faction would they be affiliated with? And whatever other details you can think of! 😀

    (tl;dr alert!)

    Val’s Choice for In-game Race

Hmm… well let’s start with existing Warcraft races. Murlocs jumps to mind immediately. Seeing a bunch of fish guys running around would be neat. Imagine the fun of: “Mmmmrllllllgg Tank LFG”. And since they are tied closely to the naga and are deeply entrenched in Warcraft lore, they would be easy to create storylines for. Heck, we could even see the Mur’gul pop up as adversaries. But if I had my choice of one race to add, the murlocs would not be it.

Arakkoa would make for impressive looking casters, that’s for sure. And Drakonids and Centaurs would be interesting to see in action, but none of these get to be my choice either.

If I were to pick one preexisting Warcraft race to be made playable, it would definitely be the furbolg. Not pandaren (whom I do like quite a bit), but normal old furbolg. They have a really cool model (and imagine what female furbolg would look like) and I think they’d look pretty sweet charging into battle, or casting lightning bolts decked out in the latest purples. Heck for mounts they could even use their brethren the bear as a racial mount.

As for what faction they would be, I’d have to say Horde. They respect the tauren and have a culture that lines up well with cows and even the trolls. I’m sure the orcs would respect their battle prowess and command of the elements. And besides, discounting the worgen (who are not naturally an anthropormorphic race) the Horde seems to be the race for animal people. They have the tauren and thier cousins the taunka and they enjoy a just as friendly interaction with the Kalu’ak as the Alliance. As time goes on, I can see the various ‘primitive’ races falling in with the Horde who seem to share a less refined lifestyle.

Class options would seem pretty obvious. Warriors, shamans, and hunters are obvious choices. Mages seem incredibly unlikely, priests perhaps, paladins absolutely not. Though I don’t think it makes much sense, could you imagine a furbolg lock? Or the stealth animation for a furbolg rogue? (imagine a bear slowly tip-toeing around like a Elmer Fudd in a Looney Tunes cartoon.) Best of all, think of the fiery blue eyed ‘bolg death knights.
“I’m a little furbolg, short and stout. Here is my handle, here is my– Rise my minions and slaughter our enemies leaving nothing but dessicated decaying husks!”

Ahem. Yeah, furbolgs it is.

Now before I move on to the race I’d like that doesn’t exist in Azeroth, I know the Alliance are wondering what they would get if we got the ‘bolgs. Um, you can have… troggs. You seem to be getting a lot of monstrous races lately, so why not. Besides, you’re gonna need some fodder to clean out Gnomeregan anyhow; god knows the draenei legions aren’t gonna fit in there.

Val’s Choice for Made-up Race

Now onto part two, a race that isn’t a part of warcraft lore that I would like to see added. This is a toughie…

Owlbears? No, they exist in WoW. There are enough animal people in the world, so no more of those. Humanoid slimes? God no! Ya know, most of your standard fantasy fare like ogres, giants, and so on all have their representatives in Azeroth. I must delve deep into my fantasy role playing career.

Ooh I got it! I’d want to see a ‘race’ of golems or other such artificial life. Yeah, I know there are the earthen and mechagnomes and the various golem mobs already in game, but imagine a collection of animated beings created to serve the legendary Titans. Though it wouldn’t be a race in the strictest sense, I’ve always like the idea of a group of sentient constructs trying to make their way in a flesh and bone world. I would call them the Constructed.

As for how they arrive on Azeroth… perhaps when the gates to Uldum are finally opened, the deserted servants of the Titans are released and rejoin the world. With no masters to command them, they make their way into the world and forge their own destiny. Likely to be shunned by their living (for the most part) counterparts, the Constructed would have to work doubly hard to prove themselves as capable and worthy allies.

I would imagine there being a few different factions of the animate stone beings. The first would be the most noble of the Constructed. Seeking to continue a life of service to order, they would likely join the Alliance. Welcomed begrudgingly by Varian Wrynn, these golems would make their presence known in the capital cities as defenders of the law; most notably in Ironforge where they find a kinship with the Dwarves. Alliance Constructed would probably be the most man shaped, resembling ancient forgotten champions and the gods that made them.

But not all Constructed would want to rededicate their existence to order. The more primordial golems, often originally constructed by the darker gods, (Sargeras anyone?) would follow another path and join the Horde. These constructs would be less polished, looking more like hulking piles of stone or carved in more demonic shapes, would seek to establish themselves as the strongest race of Azeroth, capable of defending their own interests through personal conquest. Though many among the Horde would question their intent, none would be able to question their bravery as they prove themselves over and over again on the battlefield.

Of course not all of the Constructed would try to find a new home amongst the organics. Many would keep to themselves, traveling the world searching for others of their kind locked within the lost ruins of the Titans. Other than getting in Brann Bronzebeard’s way, these golems would likely just be questgivers who hand out tons of lore-ridden quests.

And finally of course, there would be the Constructed who went mad in the eons since their creator’s disappearance. If the Constructed were the Forsaken, these wild golems would be their Scourge.

I think it would be fun to see a ‘race’ that both factions got to enjoy, and it would be yet another opportunity for the developers to delve deep into Azerothian history. And not only would we learn more of where the world came from, but part of that ancient past would be walking side by side with the modern heroes of the world.

So there you have it, the races I’d like to see playable. The always furry furbolgs, and an ancient race of walking statues. (Okay so maybe the second race was sorta still in the game… but as I thought about them more and more, they seemed to already have a built in story in game.)


6 Responses to “Holiday Gift Topic – Playable Races”

  1. Ooh, I like the idea of a playable race that is split on allegiance. The furbolgs would be interesting. I think one of the best ways for us to learn more about them would be to play them! 🙂

  2. That’s my furbolg!

  3. @Syrana – I think it’s silly that whole races would have to join a faction as a whole. I mean aren’t there some Draenei who would prefer to live with the Horde? And I know not all high/blood elves joined the horde, but it seems all of em left the alliance. (excepting maybe a few NPC’s, I don’t know Alliance NPc’s at all.) We’re not getting all of the Goblins horde side, just one group… in fact that was the case with trolls…

    Now I’m not saying let all races be available to all factions, that would dilute the game somewhat, but I think it’s time the world felt a bit more… I dunno socially realistic.

  4. Oh definitely, nothing in the world, especially during times of war(craft) are we able to draw neat lines that easily identify someone as aligned with only one side or the other.

    I still think it’d be neat to have a 3rd “neutral” faction or be able to choose which faction you bid your allegiance to. Not sure they could make it work, but the IDEA seems interesting to me.

  5. Yeah, I like the idea of a third faction. In fact it would be neat if horde and alliance could defect to it.

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