The Stable – My toons Part 2

This is part two of an ongoing study of my characters, how I play them, and as an extension… who I am. Previous toons can be found in the Character Junk category. So without further ado let us move on.



First and foremost, let’s handle the name. Yes that’s two ‘L’s. And it’s pronounced leh-MEN-tis or luh-MEN-tis. Not LEMON-tass or EL-em-en-tas. Had I realized what I was doing at the time, I woulda named him Fred. Most people, myself included, just call him Llem.

Llem was the second toon I ever rolled. Shortly after downloading the trial, I went out and bought the game and BC. Quickly forgetting about Derull, I forged on with a brand new fabulous belf pally and began my WoW experience. He was my first character to 70, and for the first two years or so he was my main. (And he lords his Veteran Nanny cheese over Derull at every opportunity.)

Llementas is, simply put, a super hero. He, clad in plate with a shield at his side, is invincible. He can spinning jump over a small stream in a single bound. He shoots laser shield beams from his hands and can regenerate his health and mana at the speed of (The) Light. He is a paladin and he is proud of it.

If I raided, Llem would try to be the Jong of prot pallies. Despite the insistence of everyone else, I pigheadedly leveled all the way to 70 as protection spec. (And this was before prot got all the 3.0 buffs that made them infinite-mana, 10 mobs at a time aoe-grind machines.) At 70 he switched to holy and spent all of the rest of BC healing heroics as I was informed that was all paladins were good for. Those were the darkest days of Llem’s career, and though he has a good heal spec tucked away, I haven’t healed with him since before 3.0. When WotLK hit, he went back to prot and never looked back.

Of course nowadays, belf prot pallies are amazing aoe tanks, full of tricks, mitigation and hairspray… and Llem wouldn’t have it any other way. When he pulls trash he’s the star of the show. Dancing between mobs surrounded by the pyrotechnics of consecrate, blizzard and rain of fire, he feels like he’s at the disco and he’s in the center of the dance floor. Receiving heals feel like incoming cheers from groupies and floozies. And in that moment, he is a god.

But there is more to this elf than just superstar tanking. In his spare time he is an accomplished engineer and farmbot. When you combine an epic roflcopter with crusader aura, a pick and a zapthrottle mote extractor, you get tons of cash in a relatively small amount of time if you’re willing to work for it. Llem is the bankroll of my army of toons. He’s bought all of the epic mounts my toons ride (and associated skills), Derull’s hog and vendor mammoth, as well as getting everyone into starting epics when they hit 80. He even plays sugar daddy to Sprink every now and again. Sure none of these toons ever thank him (excepting Sprink of course), but he knows that without him, the stable of alts would be nothing.

As for playing Llem, the differences between him and my current main begin to show. When I’m on Llem, I don’t use the ‘red means dead’ mentality. I will wave at or cheer passing Alliance, even help them if they’re in a bind. I’ll lend a helping hand to fellow horde on quests I’ve already done, even if they didn’t ask. And in battlegrounds i will not only obey tactical suggestions, but even try orchestrate some sort of order out of the chaos. In simpler terms, Llem will defend a flag… Derull won’t.

And when it comes to trade or general chat, I’m far more likely to try and arbitrate a dispute or help someone new to the game understand the interface. Llem, for all his showboating, is a paladin of The Light and wants nothing more than to protect and help those around him. Mind you, I don’t try to play him this way, it just happens. I don’t know if it’s the farmbot mentality or maybe that he’s a tank at heart, but something about this toon is just supportive.

All in all, I think Llem is the part of me that is laid back and just wants everybody to have fun. Sure he has his prima donna moments occasionally, but it’s all in good fun. When I’m too stressed playing one of my other toons I usually hop to Llem and farm a bit. It’s just so… therapeutic. ‘Course who’s gonna succeed at stealing a node from a prot pally? =P


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