My Stable: My toons – Part 3

Welcome to third entry of the ongoing ‘Who is Valgav, and why should I care?’ series. (Like the snappy new name?) We’ve seen my two mains, former and current, so let us move on to the list of alts and see who pops up. And remember, former entries can be found in the Character Junk section.


Ah Salandus (SAL-en-dus), the obligatory Death Knight. He was supposed to be an orc, but apparently he was switched at birth (death?) and I ended up with a dead elf. After plowing through WotLK launch content on a warrior and a pally, the next obvious step was to conquer the one plate wearing class that was left. In no time I had a 80 DK with starting epics who was just ready to be forgotten… and he has been.

Don’t get me wrong, the thrill of playing a DK is awesome. He’s blood specced so in addition to being a hemophile he is pretty damn hard to kill. There really isn’t anything bad I can say about Salandus; he hits harder than Derull, and survives almost as well as Llem. He even farms pretty well (yup another DK Herb/Insc), so he really does it all. Truth is though, I almost never play this guy unless someone needs some dungeon soloed.

If I had to pick a part of me that is represented by this toon, I’d have to say that Salandus is either inner child or my out-of-control misanthropy. I know that sounds messed up, but bear with me.. the two might just go hand in hand.

On one hand, when I play Salandus, I don’t have to worry about gearscore or resilience or any other sort of thing that I’d need to succeed. DK’s, even with recent nerfs, are still hands down the easist, most overpowered class in the game. This class gets to have its cake and eat it too. So hence the inner child. A DK is like being a teenager too, you get to mess around with almost no consequences. You never die, and if you piss someone off… just switch back to your main.

On the other hand, being the role player I am, I find myself filled with haughty disdain whenever I play Sal. Even outgeared in BG’s he still lays out tons of damage and can embarrass a lot of classes one on one. I only help people in game to show how mighty I am, and how easy things are as a DK. I mean when you have the legion of a perma-ghoul, 4 bloodworms and and Army of Dead at your back, it’s easy to go bit megalomaniacal.

But I hear you saying: “Perma-ghoul? But you said he had a blood disorder?” Well first I said he was a hemophile, which granted generally means he has the disease hemophilia, but that word actually means ‘blood lover’ or ‘blood friend’ (Stupid medical community of the 1800’s). And second well… he’s mostly blood specced. The truth is that when got started he was almost entirely blood specced. But Dancing Rune Weapon wasn’t for me, so I stripped down the blood line to the bare essentials and pushed into unholy for perma-ghoul. (I also got On a Pale Horse which is sweet.) Combined with the Herbing HoT, this build makes him a dangerous cleave-machine, but also a back up healer. (He’s specced and glyphed for Rune Tap.) =P

To be honest, for all his power and surprising utility, poor Salandus sits as unused as his Inscription profession. I’d play him more, but Derull needs moar badges, and he’ll be damned if some whiny dead elf takes his gear. So thank you for blowing about 12k gold on your profs, mounts, and gear Sal… I’ll let you know if anyone needs a Ramps run. =P


One Response to “My Stable: My toons – Part 3”

  1. He can team up with Tirralyis when she hits 80. ^_^

    And eventually, somebody’s going to need that Ramps run.

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