An Orc’s Best Friend

Recently, Blizzard has put an emphasis on vanity pets. They do stuff, they look better, some of em cost 2 packs of smokes worth of cash to buy. And as a collector I couldn’t be more happy. At current count, Derull has 95 pets. There’s still a few I could go farm up, or buy, but that’s for another day when I’m not hording my time and gold in preparation for the next xpac.

However, quantity is no match for quality. I find myself rarely pulling out any of my pets while running around. Mostly because even if I wanted to have one out, I’d forget to resummon them when they disappeared.  I think the problem lies in Derull not having a pet that suits him. I mean, I’ve known many people who have had particular pets for particular toons. (Speedy is the perfect pet for a tank, and Sprink is never seen without Sporebee at her side.) And I think I may have found the solution to this problem.


Yes. The Pug.

I know that since it’s new, everyone and their mother is sporting this guy right now. But have you ever seen a pet that is more appropriate for an orc warrior? He has an orc-y face (tusks and all), a spiked harness, and he rubs his butt on the ground! If that doesn’t describe Derull, I don’t know what does.

Unfortunately I haven’t been using the lfg tool much since it came out. I’ve been spending my time working toons on TFC, so I’m only 28/50 towards the Patient title. But after looking at this adorable little guy in game, I feel motivated to endure the PuGs and get me one. So wish me luck =P


2 Responses to “An Orc’s Best Friend”

  1. Is this a case of pets looking like their owners? Or owners looking like their pets? ^_^

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