A Very Rare Occurence

Something has happened to me on WoW that rarely happens… especially at max level. On the few occurrences of such an event, I become as giddy as a schoolgirl. It actually causes me to swell with more pride than I feel when I look at all of my cheeses combined. (Well… almost.)

And without further preambling, I present you this:

There he is, Derull, the flagship of my fleet. And for the first time since midway through BC, he looks cool. I can’t explain just how happy that makes me.

Perhaps I should explain. As I don’t raid, nor arena, my gear is usually a bunch of welfare epics. Be they heroic gear, last season’s PvP pieces, or holiday jewelry, my gear has always been a mismatched group of last year’s shinies. It never really bothered me that my gear wasn’t the best, I get all I want from this game playing ‘casually’. And most of the time it was more than enough to get by.

And that’s not to say my current gear is really all that amazing. Last raid’s set pieces… and 10 man that were bought with triumph emblems at that. Buyable shoulders, bracers, boots, ring, necklace and weapon are high level, but easy enough to get if you have enough gold. Trinkets are heroics or triumph fare, and the rest falls into the heroic ICC 5mans – emblem of triumph variety. I suppose the belt is a frost emblem belt.. so there’s that.

The point is, that I have a gearscore (grrrrscore imo) of 5444 and I don’t look like a schmuck. Everything matches for the most part… and I am ecstatic. Usually my toons look like the orc in the banner or the orc to the right. Kinda cool, but they look like they got dressed in the dark. If I had more cash, I’d buy one of dem Figureprint thingers. 😀


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