BAST: Starting Over

This is my post for the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic.

    The question: If you had the chance to start all over again in WoW, but your char is already level 80, or level 1 depending on if you like to level or not :>. What class would you pick? What race? What faction?
    Why would you pick that class/race/faction?

    And most of all what would you plan to do with it? Raid, PvP or just hang out in Dalaran?

Hmm… tricky question. Before I can answer that, I’d have to say this: I have had two mains in my WoW career. I played Llem for most of BC, only leveling Derull near the end of that expansion. (Derull was rolled first however, but warriors seemed boring as hell) Of course this was before achievements, so the switch was relatively painless. Now however with the achievement system in place, and me being a packrat and a completionist, I don’t know that I could play any other toon other than Derull as my main. He has all my pets, all my mounts, and my 7k cheese points.

So there’s an additional question of whether or not this new 80 would have matching cheese points. I suppose that would go against the whole ‘Starting Over’ premise though.So for this Shared Topic I’ll assume that either I’m not a packrat collector, or that pets/titles/cheeses don’t exist. Now, on to the fun stuff.


Assuming that I’m starting over, I’d have to look at the factions.  The Alliance offers little that appeals to me, both in race selection and modus operandi. I’ve always been a fan of goblinoid races (orcs, trolls, goblins, kobolds, etc.) throughout my years of roleplaying. Part of the reason is the tribalistic lifestyle and the ‘might makes right attitude’, which seems a perfect fit for fantasy roleplaying. Horde offers that up by the truckload with the orcs, trolls, tauren and soon to be goblins.

Further, picking a faction, isn’t just about what my main is going to be, I have to consider the alts. They will be my bankers, my farmbots and my diversions. I have to keep them in mind when choosing a faction for whatever I decide to play. And if I want to be vain or spooky I there’s always the belfs and the forsaken.

So, as per my first choice, I’d go Horde.


Call me simple, but I like my main to be a juggernaut of physical destruction. I’m playing a hack and slash online game, and there’s no way I’m gonna spend 80% of my play time standing in the back in my sissy robes waggling my fingers. So whatever race I’m going to play has to look badass.

Orc – Hmm, I’ve always loved orcs. Nothing says big and badass better than an orc with a big two-hander. I have quite a few of these already, many of them warriors. But this is my chance to play something else as my main. A chance to stare at a new butt, if you will. Let’s see what else there is.

Tauren – Sure the cows are bigger, but tauren just aren’t that ferocious. I mean sure, I don’t want to be charged by a bull, but given the choice between a raging bull or a blood frenzied orc… I know which I’d rather have to face.

Trolls – These guys don’t look badass at all. Don’t get me wrong, their models are cool, but whenever I see a gangly troll decked out in plate I giggle a little. Often, their weapons seem to be more substantial than they are. ‘Course… I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a female troll warrior, that could be neat.  I should note that while they don’t look badass, there is the voodoo and cannibalism to consider. (Yeah yeah, Darkspear no longer practice cannibalism. I know.)

Forsaken – You know what’s even less intimidating than a skinny ass troll? A half rotted cadaver. Well… being undead is creepy, but those exposed joints make me wonder just how hard they can really hit something. And they’re small. They’re very tiny. They look good in robes. Next!

Belfs – Not mighty at all. Very… … … flamboyant. Did I hit the Alliance tab? Hmm… ya know though, there is a subtle badass-ness to their attacks. And compared to those paunchy humans, they do look very athletic.  And they can be paladins… (This explains why Llementas exists btw). Why am I even considering this for my main? I bet it has something to do with that amazing hair.

Goblins – I am eagerly looking forward to Cataclysm and the addition of goblins to the Horde. There is always an exception to the rule, and this is the exception to the ‘Rule of Badass-ery’ I use for selecting my main. Goblins are tricksy creatures.. and in WoW they like to make things explode. I will have a Goblin Fire Mage Engineer in Cat. It will be awesome… and if I had to start over, there is a tiny chance I would make that… but since Cat isn’t out, I’ve decided to ignore that possibility. I included it here anyhow for fun.

Final Decision: Orcs. Always orcs. Llem the belf may have been my first main, but Derull was the first toon I rolled. He eventually stole the ‘main’ status and has held it for years. It just feels right.


Well this gets trickier. I usually choose my class before I choose my race, but in the case of a main, race is way more important. So since I’ve apparently chosen orc (again) my choices are Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Death Knight. Well lets look at all of them real quick.

Warrior – I have a bunch of these. Many are low level orcs on random servers. I love arms warriors because they deal out big hits and are fun as hell to play. However, I have long dealt with the stigma of not tanking on them. I don’t like warrior tanking, and that’s apparently their primary role.  Which is funny because when I think warrior, I don’t think ‘low damage and survivability’, but I digress. Big weapons? Check. Two-handers? Check. Looks good to me.

Hunter – I remember looking at this class the first time around and thinking it looked neat. I leveled a troll hunter to 29 then deleted him. Recently leveled a belf one to 70. Aside from being a walk in the park to play, they are a neat class. Ranged can be very badass, and having a pet to help out is neat. However it’s not enough to make this class my main. They do get two-handed weapons though, which is a plus.

Rogue – So instead of running at the enemy screaming with a colossal double-bladed battle axe, you tip toe behind ’em and stab them in the spleen with a butter knife? Next!

Shaman – Caster. Nex– Wait, they can melee? And throw lightning bolts? Hmm… maybe there’s badass potential after all. However, they generally wear skirts. Never mind.

Warlock – Surprisingly tough and mighty for being a caster. Of all the caster classes, I have to say, orc warlock is probably the most respectable of them all. (I’ll just ignore orc mages for now.) I even have a level 73 orc ‘lock. But he is not ‘main’ caliber, never will be.

Death Knight – Okay so you’re like a warrior, but with some magic, and no one is surprised when you’re not a tank? Sold!

Final Decision: Death Knight. Now I know DK’s are pretty lame overall, (I almost never play mine.) but they really are what I want. They wear plate, have big weapons, and are as evil looking as can be. I know this puts me in the fanboy nub category, but if I had to start over, I’d be a DK. I’d even level it from level 1 if I had to. In fact I might prefer it.


The last thing that comes to mind and I don’t know if most people are going to mention, is changing gender when starting over. I stare a big male orc butt most of the time when playing, so it would stand to reason that if I were to start over, perhaps I might want to choose something more pleasing to look at.  But after giving it some though, I realize that my main is my avatar. It is a representation of me as a gamer. And I am not a woman. I am a scrawny little dude who pretends to be a big greenish brown dude.  And that seems right.

Final Tally:

So in the end, I’d be like so many other current players who run around with an orc deathknight as their main. Ya know what though? That’s fine with me.

As for what I’d do with it, I don’t think that would change. Unless I am also magically motivated to arena or given the time to raid (along with patient raiders to teach me the ropes.), I’ll just tool around Dalaran on my Mechanohog waiting for more pets or mounts to collect.

So all in all, it doesn’t seem like anything would change much. I like the classes and races I play, and I do have a 80 orc DK on The Forgotten Coast named Derull, (as opposed to the 80 orc warrior I blog about so much) so in truth I had already gone through this already. I’m not certain that I really fulfilled the spirit of the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, as I didn’t deviated far from what I had, but it was a fun experiment nevertheless.


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