The Stable – SAN Edition

So my last post was the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic about starting over. In it, I essentially said I’d never play Alliance. Of course, as is often the case in my life, I ended up eating crow.

Here’s the deal: Like many in the blogosphere I discovered the Single Abstract Noun guild. Bloggers playing together, leveling toons, and having a great time sounded too good to pass up. Lo and behold I found myself rolling a Draenei warrior on Argent Dawn.

The biggest surprise is the fun I’ve been having. Having never leveled an Alliance toon past level 12, everything is of course new to me. And I gotta say, Exodar and Stormwind are far more enjoyable cities when the local guards aren’t trying to kill you. So let us move along and meet the newest addition to my stable of characters.


Over the last week or so I’ve plugged away on this toon, exploring the Draenei starting zones. No heirlooms, no gold… it really is like starting over again. I even had to borrow 5g to get my first riding skill. (Thank you, Rhii =D ) It’s very refreshing to discover Azeroth anew.

Mazgorath is yet another arms warrior. All I can say is that it’s comfortable to start over with something you know. Draenei are like the bastard children of Orcs and Tauren, so it doesn’t feel so odd watching ole Mazzy wade through enemies with his two-hander. Before I knew it, all of the baddies of Bloodmyst and Azuremyst lie defeated behind me. And with that I move on to Redridge, my journey still just beginning.

I decided to go Engineering on Maz. Partly because I know I’ll need to have a strong money-maker if I’m going to play on this server, but also because playing on AD is like taking a vacation. As we know, nothing says fun in the sun like Engineering. And really that’s what I’m hoping the Mazgorath experience will be, fun and discovery.

I would like to take a small moment to say something about Single Abstract Noun. I know I’m blogging about bloggers playing wow with other bloggers, which in itself seems sort of cheeky, but I have to say that this is one experiment that has gone completely right. I blogged a little while back about switching guilds and how the green text reinvigorated my interest in playing. Well, take what I said and multiply it by a hundred. The folks over at SAN have built a nice little community within the community, and it makes the whole game more rewarding.

Now before I get too wordy I think I’ll just end the post and leave you with this, my designer Elekk:

Elekk by Rhii


3 Responses to “The Stable – SAN Edition”

  1. Elekk by Rhii is the best designer Elekk EVAR. ❤ Rhii ^_^

  2. Hey! You stole my post, sort of! I have exactly the same feelings about SAN, even though on the EU side!

    Goodness. This shows that there are still good people playing the game, not a group of good people littered with know it alls, über-leets and schmucks.

    C out

    • I’ve always had the fortune to find the more decent players in WoW. But after my former guild died, I usually found myself surrounded by people of the schmuck variety.

      SAN however is just a great collection of intelligent and well adjusted people in my experience. I definitely needed more of that in my online life.

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