Welcome to Casual Addict. This is a World of Warcraft blog about my pursuits in Azeroth and beyond. Here I will post my various thoughts on the developments in and out of the game of WoW.

In Regards to Rules and Regulations:
Follow the rules of WordPress and we should be just fine. I’m not easily offended, but if you go out of your way to offend me or disrupt my piece o’ the internet, you will be blocked, reported, have your comments deleted, and finally… tar and feathered. I think that covers it.

Who I Am:
Now that we have the rules covered, we shall move on to who I am. I am a late twenty-something guy from Michigan who plays way too much World of Warcraft. I play on the PvP realm of Archimonde primarily. I play Horde almost exclusively. I like orcs. I like beer.

And of course:

All content on this blog pertaining to World of Warcraft is owned by whoever the hell owns it. Chances are, it’s Blizzard’s, so don’t eff with it.

More to Follow Someday:
(Here I will add more stuff when I get motivated to do so.)


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