The Stable – My toons Part 1

For anyone who reads this blog, I’ve decided that perhaps you might like to know about me and how I play. Well, the tricky thing is that I am a tried and true rpg dork at my core, so even though I don’t actually WoW rp, it still shows. Each of my toons has a different personality and each puts me in a seperate mindset. To best get my point across, I will begin explaining my characters one at a time.



Derull, the orc warrior that is the flagship of my account. He was the first character I rolled when I downloaded the WoW trial so many years ago. He made it all the way to level 15 before I stranded him in the barrens for almost two years in lieu of a belf pally. He was my second 70 in BC and after welfare epic-ing him in Arena gear and greedily stocking up achievement points in 3.0, he became my main in WotLK.

He sits atop my blog, flexing on his mechano hog in the banner. He has tons of titles, pets,  mounts and a ridiculous amount of achievement points for a toon that belongs to a so-called ‘casual’. His bank is full of holiday items and random knick-knacks from his conquests. He likes to sit in Dalaran on his Violet Protodrake with his Loremaster title on wearing his Tabard of the Achiever (whereupon he usually gets called a scrub by people in t9 =P).  He is the representation of my ego; a large unstoppable orcish pile of arrogance.

He has always been, and will always be, an arms warrior. Oh sure he has a prot build as his secondary build, and a set of gear that can easily tank 5-mans (and with a bit of  work, could at least viably off tank anything short of TotC 10) but that’s not what this orc was made for. This orc was made to pull threat off my tanks, and die laughing. He cares not about paying repair bills or corpse runs. So long as he was mighty, he is happy.

And when it comes to his professions, he is just as greedy. He is my only toon with max fishing, cooking, and first aid. He was once a maxed miner/blacksmith, but with a miner/engineer pally doing all the legwork, he decided recently to drop a ton of the pally’s hard earned gold to play with gems. Now he makes bank cutting the epics for sale. I tried to explain to him that jewelcrafting wasn’t very orc-y, and I have the hideously deformative scar to prove it.

Now, most of the time when I play, I try to be a helpful and kindly sort of player. I don’t troll trade or belittle people. In fact much of the time when I play Derull, that’s what I am, a nice guy. But if I gank an afk Alliance, or destroy Southshore you can bet I was playing him. If I ignore someone asking for a RFC run or laugh at the trolls in trade chat, that’s him too.

And when in the field the same applies.  I’m least likely to listen to bg instructions, I ‘fear bomb’ to deal with adds and I offtank without warning. It’s not that I’m overly careless, I just have confidence in my abilities when I play him. Years of solo play have shown me what he can and can’t do. And I’ll admit, I’ve caused some wipes (it should be noted that I play nicer in pugs), but I can’t help it, the orc wants to shine. (Which may explain his new found love of jewelry.)

Some of it may come from my place in my group of friends. I’m often the loudest guy in the room. I love to tell stories, and people seem to love to hear em’. So when it comes to playing, I know all of the quests and bosses and I tend to lay the groundwork for what we’re doing. (A responsibility shared by my usual tank and fellow WoW know it all.) So I think Derull thinks that he’s a leader.. and therefore a tank… who hates prot.


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